Extra Attributes

Of course, JSONAPI already has the concept of sparse fieldsets built-in. This behavior comes out-of-the-box at URLs like /people?fields[people]=title,active.

Sometimes it’s necessary to conditionally render an extra field as well. For instance, maybe rendering out the net_worth attribute is computationally expensive and not often requested.

Let’s add a simple extra attribute:

# app/serializers/serializable_person.rb
extra_attribute :net_worth do

This field will not be rendered when we hit /people. It will only be rendered when we hit /people?extra_fields[people]=net_worth. The URL signature is the same as sparse fieldsets.

We may want to eager load some data, only when a specific extra field is requested. We can do that by customizing the Resource:

# app/resources/person_resource.rb
extra_field :net_worth do |scope|

We will now eager load assets only when the net_worth extra field is specified in the request.

Finally, additional conditionals can still be applied:

# app/serializers/serializable_person.rb
extra_attribute :net_worth, if: proc { @context.allow_net_worth? } do

If using Rails, @context is your controller.